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Entradas / Starters

Empanada de queso
fried puff paste dumpling filled with cheese     
piece € 2,40

Empanada de camarones y queso
fried puff paste dumpling filled with scampi and cheese
piece € 2,90

Empanada de Pino
Puff paste from the oven with minced meat, dark olives, onions, raisins and an egg
piece € 4,50

Empanadas mixtas
4 different Empanadas
€ 11,00

Papa rellena
fried potatoes filled with cheese, powered sugar
€ 5,00

Ensalada a la chilena
peeled tomatoe salad with lightly poached onions, coriander and chili
€ 5,00

Tartar de palta con camarones
avocado tartar with scampi served on thin sliced tomatoes
€ 8,00

Gambas al pil pil
king prawns fried in olive oil, garlic, white wine and coriander
€ 8,50

Ensalada de lentejas con papayas chilenas, palta y camarones
Lentil salad with chilean papayas, avocado, chili and scampis
€ 8,50

Ceviche de reineta
Ceviche, raw diced rosefish marinated in lime juice with onions, chili and coriander, lightly spicy
€ 12,00

Locos con mayo
Abalone with mayonnaise (Abalones are large sea snails and are a delicacy in Chile)        
€ 22,00


Carne / Meat Dishes

Pastel de choclo
caramelised sweet corn casserole with minced beef, olives, raisins, boiled eggs and chicken                            
€ 15,00 

Costillar de cerdo con puré picante
pork ribs from the oven on spicy mashed potatoes

€ 15,00

Pechuga de pollo en quinua
chicken breast in a crispy quinoa coat on fruity mango- quinotto (quinotto = quinoa risotto)
€ 16,00

Estofado con pure
prime boiled beef stewed with red wine and vegetables in a terracotta crock on mashed potatoes
€ 16,50

Roastbeef a lo pobre
grilled Roastbeef steak with fried onions, French fries, fried egg and tomatoes salad with lightly poached onions, coriander and chili                
€ 21,00


Pescados / Fish Dishes

Pastel de Jaiba
chilean crab pie

€ 16,00

Merluza con almejas sobre Motenotto
fillet from a hake fried in white wine and lemon with clams on Sage- Motenotto ( Motenotto = pearl barley Risotto )
€ 16,00

Dorada con camarones en salsa de cilandro con papas y habas
fillet from a Sea bream with Scampis in coriander-lime sauce with lima beans and potatoes           
€ 17,00

Salmon con ostiones
fillet from a salmon fried in olive oil and scallop in a honey mustard cream sauce, served on quinoa (Quinoa is a specialty of the Atacama indians)
€ 18,00


Postres / Desserts                               

Helado de Lúcuma
scoop Lucuma ice cream (Lucuma is a golden yellow sweetish fruit from the mountains of Chile. It tastes like caramel, mango and vanilla.)
€ 4,50

Pie de limón
Lemon Meringue Pie
€ 5,30 

Papayas al jugo con helado
boiled yellow papaya from Chile in its own fruity sweet juice with ice cream
€ 5,50

Mousse de maracuya
white chocolate-passion fruit Mousse on an almond and walnut base    

€ 6,80 

Pastel de chocolate con helado
warm chocolate cake with ice cream                                
€ 7,00